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The hydraulic Tiltrotator (TRM) is a mechanism which is mounded between a jib of earth-moving or hoisting machine and attachable equipment (general purpose bucket, mulcher, grapple, grab bucket, etc.), intended for easier operation and higher efficiency of the basic machine. The TRM has an option of unrestricted rotation through 360° and ability of locking in different planes with a tilt of up to 40°.
Benefits of the Tiltrotator:
Functionality. Application of the TRM turns the basic machine to a multipurpose and multifunctional station able to perform any tasks and at any places. Efficiency. The TRM accounts for faster, easier and more precise jobs performed. The operations become more cost-effective and the range of services becomes wider.
Safety. The TRM makes the job of operator easier and safer at the same time. Besides, the area of excavator’s coverage becomes safer, since less area is needed to perform the works.
Easy and comfortable operation. To operate the TRM only one operator needed.
Fast replacement of attachments. When using the TRM, replacement of attachments takes just few minutes, and the operator does not need to move, change or leave the machine.
The TRM can be installed on excavators of Russian and foreign manufacture, and we offer to our customers guarantee and post-guarantee service. A mobile team of our service engineers can install the equipment, adjust and repair it and check its operability. Buying the TRM, you obtain a complex solution enabling you to do almost any earthwork.

Technical specifications and models

ModelDimensions (BxHxL), mm*Tilt angleWeight, kg*Required oil consumption, l/minOil operating pressure, MPaInstallation on all excavators 
001 463х491х787 2х40° 116 15-40 18-21 1-3
005 505х515х854 2х40° 145 15-40 18-21 3-6
010 788х715х991 2х40° 340 20-40 18-21 6-14
020 720х980х850 2х40° 475 40-80 18-21 16-24


*The manufacturer reserves the right to insignificant changes in the weight and dimensions depending on the model of jib-type equipment of the customer and type of fastening.


Any attachments can be manufactured in accordance with the customer's specifications


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